Q: Who uses heated clothing?
A:  Heated clothing can be used for all sort of things:
Outdoor examples: skiing and snowboarding, skating, watching sports, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, diving.
Indoor examples: reduce heating bills, increase comfort, stimulate blood circulation, stay healthier throughout the winter, alleviating the symptoms of Raynaud's syndrome, increasing the comfort of wheelchair users, use in office to stay warm and keep your fingers supple.
Q: Is my heated clothing waterproof?
A:  We suggest to use the heated clothing in dry environment. However, SUNWAYTIC has set top of the line quality control standards system to oversea and to ensure 
SUNWAYTIC products will meet the highest quality standard. Our Quality Control Team is dispatched our manufacturing plants to coordinate with their technicians so that uniformity and the highest quality of products could be attained, to the full satisfaction of the consuming public as well as to our customers.is in process of introducing a series of waterproof products.
Q: What happens if I get wet?
A:  Nothing. All our heated products has smart chip built-in to automatically shut off the power as soon as irregular current is being detected.
Q: How long does the battery last?
A:  The batteries last from 2 hours to 10+ hours depends on the models. Please check individual spec for details.
Q: Can I wash Sunwaytic heated clothing?
A:  Yes. Be sure to unplug the battery and controller and cover up the connector prior to wash. Hand wash. Make sure product is fully dry before operate again.
Q: Garment is too warm for me, can I reduce the amount of heat?
A:  Yes. Our unique controller allows you do have different temperature setting. As an OEM/ODM customer, we can even design your desired temperature range per request.
Q: How do I storage my heated garment when not in use?
A:  Battery must be fully charged before storage. Battery much be fully recharged at least once every six months thereafter.